E is taking a long nap right now, which are rare, so I’m going to take full advantage and try to get some writing done.

I’m working in Christian’s shop. Our garage. It’s smaller than we hoped but at the same time it’s largely the reason we bought the house we did. It’s the perfect 860 sq foot starter home. Not really a starter home, it’s a 1890’s old, old and little home. Let’s call it a cottage. That Cottage Life.

I met Christian at his 2nd shop, off of Filmore. His shop was smaller than our garage, I think. A mutual friend of ours introduced us because I needed care work. The ‘ole Altima was still truckin’ across the country but she needed something and a friend at the gym introduced to me Christian.

E is beginning to stir. I am loving this longer naps that get sprinkled throughout the week. It allows me a tiny bit of space and time to stand (sit?) up (down?) and write.

The last few weeks I’ve been surprisingly productive. I found the old logo (thanks Davin!) and dusted off the old business boot straps, and launched the aah spa again. You’re the first to know. It’s a quiet launch and low key. Due to the circumstances (baby and pandemic) my mobility and physical capabilites as an aesthetician may be at an end. However, as this horrible falasy of “natural skin care” (aka mold) comes to an end, people are finding themselves, yet again, dissapointed by the products they’re using and seeking out professional care. Not influencer care. There is a difference. Check yo self. And hey, if you’re anamored by an influencer who has 0.04% knowledge of skin care, then you’re not my people. My people are the ones who are jaded from the skin care industry, they are dedicated to washing their faces twice daily (or as often as humanly possible, mama’s I feel you!), they understand quality of ingredients over quantity (mass production vs. small batch, for eg.), and lastly they actually have something they are working on, SKIN CARE GOALS. Whether it be as grand as, reversing sun damage or as simple as daily washing and maintenence routine (Hand raised here!).

I spent the last decade learning everything about the skin and also about the industry. I have worked with, and will continue to partner with, GlyMed Plus, founded by Christine Heathman in Utah. I remember when they were a tiny company and I was at Chalemeons School of Esthetics, (no longer so, sadly), and I learned from the best.