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Tub Scrub Recipe

Tub Scrub Recipe

Tub Scrub (Time: 5 minutes)


  • 16 oz wide mouth jar
  • Fork or spoon
  • Mix the baking soda and liquid soap first.
  • Add the water and essential oil (optional) and mix until very smooth.  If you want a thinner scrub, add more water until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Add the vinegar last (order is important in this recipe because vinegar neutralizes straight baking soda and soap).  The mixture should start to foam.
  • Store in a tight closing jar.
Use: Use a sponge to scoop this scrub out of the jar and tackle all kinds of household messes.  I use this primarily in the bathroom where it’s great on the toilet, tub and shower.  I use the Basic Cleanser recipe more frequently, but opt for this when the job is particularly grimy.
  • If your jar doesn’t have a tight seal, this scrub will dry out.  But don’t worry – just add a little warm water, give it a good stir and it’s good as new!
  • If this scrub isn’t fully wiped off, the baking soda may leave a white film.  If this happens either rinse again or give it a spray with a scented vinegar such as  The vinegar neutralizes the baking soda and the surface will wipe clean.

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This recipe was based on Karen Logan’s book, Clean House, Clean Planet  This is my all time favorite homemade cleaning product book and a very good read if you’re interested in making products of your own.

Photo Credit: bathing in the sun, a photo by tauress on Flickr.

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  1. Molly Hayes says:

    Wow. I totally needed to read this right now. Awesome info., Jen!

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