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Ultimate Glass Cleaner Recipe

Ultimate Glass Cleaner Recipe

Once you try this recipe you’ll never use Windex again.  It really isn’t a recipe at all – just plain old club soda and some essential oil if you want it to smell nice.  No chemicals, no weird smells, no complicated recipes, no high price tag and it works better than any commercial cleaner I’ve ever tried!

Ultimate Glass Cleaner (Time: 1 minute)


  • 16 oz spray bottle
  • Fill spray bottle with club soda.  If you want an unscented spray, that’s it!
  • If you want a scented spray, add 25 drops of essential oil.
Use: Spray on dirty windows, mirrors, etc. and wipe off with a clean towel or cloth.
  • This spray works great with our without the essential oil.   The oil just makes it smell really good so that cleaning is a little more pleasant.

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Photo Credit: mr. clean, a photo by D’Arcy Norman on Flickr.

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