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Simple Moisturizer Recipe

Simple Moisturizer Recipe

I moisturize almost entirely with pure oils.  That might sound greasy or gross but you’d be surprised at how light and nourishing the right oil can be.  Oils have gotten an undeserved bad rap and many people strip their face and body so clean their skin actually produces extra oil to overcompensate.  The trick is to choose an oil that’s right for your skin type and to apply sparingly.  When used correctly, oil is a great, skin soothing treat for your face and body.

World’s Simplest Moisturizer (Time: 1 minute)



  • 8 oz (or bigger) container – I like to clean and reuse hand soap bottles so the oil is easy to pump out


  • Fill container with oil – if you want an unscented oil, this recipe is complete!
  • For a scented oil, add 20 drops of essential oil and shake to mix

Use: Use a thin layer of oil wherever you need moisturizing.  I use it on my face and body and a little goes a long way.  In the winter I use heavier oils such as olive oil and in warmer months I use lighter oils such as soybean.  Lighter oils tend to be better for your face, while your body can typically handle a slightly heavier oil.  Experiment to see what type and what amount is right for you.


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Photo Credit: .32 Soft touch, a photo by Johan Larsson on Flickr.


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