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All Purpose Cleaning Spray Supercharged Recipe

All Purpose Cleaning Spray Supercharged Recipe

This recipe is a more powerful alternative to the All Purpose sprays listed earlier.  The addition of borax boosts its cleaning power and helps inhibit mold and mildew.  It’s a good spray to use on particularly dirty jobs or in moist places such as the shower and bathroom where mold and funk thrive.

All Purpose Cleaning Spray Supercharged (Time: 5 minutes)



  • 16 oz spray bottle


  • Put the borax and vinegar in the spray bottle first.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with very hot (but not boiling) water and shake very well to mix.  You want to keep shaking until the borax is completely dissolved or it will collect on the bottom and clog your spray nozzle.
  • Add the liquid soap and the essential oil last and shake again to mix.

Use: Use on hard surfaces all over your home including gross places like bathrooms and toilets.  Spray on, wait a bit if the mess is bad and then wipe off.  I use this as a bath and shower spray and it helps prevent mold and mildew.

Note: Borax is mildly toxic, so this spray should be kept out of the reach of children.

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This recipe is based on Karen Logan’s Alice’s Wonder Spray recipe in her book, Clean House, Clean Planet  This is my favorite book on homemade cleaning supplies and I highly recommend reading it if you’re interested in making products of your own.


Photo Credit: The Fit is Go 127/365, a photo by SashaW on Flickr.


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