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5 Great Summer Popsicle Recipes

5 Great Summer Popsicle Recipes

In anticipation of the first day of summer, I wanted to post Young Mother Hubbard’s top 5 popsicle recipes (based on reader popularity).  All 5 are easy to make, use wholesome ingredients and of course taste delicious.  So break out your popsicle molds and enjoy these refreshing summer treats!

  1. Fruit Salad Popsicles: The most popular popsicle on this blog and always a hit with the kiddos – it’s literally fruit salad suspended in a frozen pop.  They’re fun and tasty and the prettiest popsicles around!  Full Recipe:
  2. Fudge Pops: A healthy version of a fudge pop made with bananas and cocoa.  They’re sweet and creamy and can be made without dairy if desired.  Full Recipe:
  3. Coconut Cream Pops: My personal favorite hands down.  Rich tropical flavor, oh so creamy and perfectly sweet.  These are a must for anyone who loves coconut!  Full recipe:
  4. Orange Creamsicles: Orange juice and yogurt combine for an easy and healthy alternative to traditional creamsicles.  They taste great and can be whipped up in minutes.  Full Recipe:
  5. Avocado Pops: Don’t be afraid of avocado in a popsicle, this unusual combination is surprisingly tasty!  These pops blend avocado and lime to create a mild, almost kiwi-like flavor.  They’re way more satisfying than your average popsicle and  a good source of vitamins and healthy fats.  Full Recipe:


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