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How to Make Flax Meal

How to Make Flax Meal

Flax is a potent little superfood that can be easily incorporated into a ton of common dishes.  The trick is to grind the seeds into flax meal.  Grinding the seeds is important for two reasons:

  1. It makes the flax seeds more digestible.  Flax seeds often pass through the body whole.  Grinding them greatly improves their digestibility and nutrient absorption.
  2. Flax meal is also much easier than seeds to incorporate into meals.  Flax meal resembles rough flour and can be added to countless dishes often without even being noticeable (see ideas in Note section below).

Homemade flax meal is far superior to store bought in both price and quality.  Flax meal goes bad much faster than whole seeds.  Once it’s ground, exposure to air and light reduces its nutritional value.  Store bought flax meal is often old, less nutritious and more likely to be rancid.  The quality of store bought meal also depends on how it was produced.  Some commercial flax meal is a byproduct of the oil pressing industry.  The seeds are pressed to extract their oil and the leftover solids are ground and sold as meal.  Since the oil contains much of the nutrition, the resulting meal is much less nutritious.  Fortunately homemade flax meal is a breeze to make.  Using just a basic coffee grinder, food processor or high powered blender, you can make your own in less than one minute, here’s how!

How to Make Flax Meal


  • Flax seeds


  • Pour flax seeds into a coffee grinder, food processor or high powered blender such as a Vitamix.  Small quantities are difficult to grind so use enough seeds to at least touch the blades (more is fine).  Pulverize until the seeds form a coarse flour, in our Vitamix this takes about 10 seconds, most other machines take a bit longer.
  • Transfer the seeds to an airtight container and store in the fridge where it will stay fresh for a couple months.


  • Recommended uses – flax meal is most commonly added to baked goods like breads, muffins and cookies, but don’t stop there!  Add a tablespoon to your morning smoothie, bowl of yogurt or your kiddos popsicle mix.  Stir some into your oatmeal, add it to a pot of stew or incorporate some into ground meat dishes like meatballs and hamburgers.
  • Flax benefits – flax contains more omega 3 fatty acids than any other food (1 Tablespoon provides over 60%).  It’s also a great source of antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients such as Vitamin B and magnesium.  According to George Mateljan’s World’s Healthiest Foods ( ), adding flax to your diet can help regulate your blood pressure, lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol, support your GI tract and reduce your risk of cancer.  A google search turns up lots of studies, many of which show significant benefits with just 1 Tablespoon of flax meal a day!

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