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Smelly Spot Spray

Smelly Spot Spray

Anyone with animals or children knows how often smelly stains pop up around the house.  Dog pee on the carpet?  Food spill on the couch?  Mysterious unnamed substance on the rug?  This spray neutralizes odors and has some stain fighting ability as a nice bonus.  It can also be used on hard surfaces such as stinky trashcans or litter boxes.  It uses ingredients that most people keep on hand and it works really, really well!

Smelly Spot Spray

Supplies: Spray bottle


  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup hydrogen peroxide (regular 3% kind)
  • ½ teaspoon dishwashing soap (the liquid kind used to hand wash dishes)


  • Spoon the baking soda into a bowl or measuring cup for easy pouring
  • Pour the water, peroxide and finally the dishwashing soap on top (adding the soap last helps prevent excessive foam)
  • Stir the mixture until the baking soda completely dissolves then pour into your spray bottle

How to Use:

  • NOTE: Peroxide can have a bleaching effect on some surfaces – do not use on delicate fabrics.  I recommend testing an inconspicuous spot before using.
  • Soft surfaces:
    • For specific spots (ex. pee on the carpet) first soak up as much of the mess as possible.  Then spray the area so it’s wet but not soggy (you don’t want more moisture getting into carpet or furniture padding).  Let it sit for at least 5 minutes then blot or scrub the excess moisture.
    • For large surfaces (ex. an entire couch that smells musty) spray a fine mist all over the smelly area and allow to air dry.  The surface should be slightly damp but not wet.
  • Hard surfaces: Spray the entire area, give it a little scrub, then wipe clean (not recommended on wood)

Note: This recipe makes a small amount (8 0z) because it doesn’t store very well.  The baking soda undergoes a chemical reaction that causes it to fizz slightly (same principle as the volcanoes you made in elementary school).  So if you store it with the nozzle closed, pressure builds up.  But if the nozzle is open, it drips and makes a mess.  Since it only takes a minute to make, I generally just make it as needed.  If I have extra, I either spray miscellaneous stains on the carpet or I store it at the sink where the dripping isn’t a problem.


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