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Best Diapers for Heavy Wetters

Best Diapers for Heavy Wetters

My son Nate pees more than I thought humanely possible.  Starting when he was a few weeks old, he began having frequent pee blowouts.  During the day I changed him often enough to prevent this.  However, at night (when everyone desperately wanted and needed some sleep) the blowouts became a problem.  I would change him at bedtime and check him at feedings but still they happened almost every night, sometimes multiple times.  And I don’t mean an inconspicuous little leak, I’m talking body drenching blowouts that soaked his pajamas, sleep sack and sometimes even his bedding.  This was no fun for anyone involved so I went on a mission to find a diaper that could contain him.  Here’s what I tried:

  • Earth’s Best: This is a brand I know and love and it worked flawlessly with my son Luke.  I still like them during the day but they sadly can not contend with Nate’s nighttime volume.
  • Nature Babycare: Another brand that I’ve liked in the past but simply didn’t stand a chance.
  • Seventh Generation: Another no go at night (they do get a plus for being the cheapest of the natural-ish diapers though).
  • Pampers: I tried the Swaddlers and Baby Dry varieties.  They didn’t work for us either.  They were a slight improvement over the previous brands but Nate still had blowouts at least every other night.  Not good enough!  They also run smaller than other brands which I don’t like.
  • Target brand: I tried these because I read on a heavy wetter forum that they were surprisingly absorbent.  The super cheap price tag didn’t hurt either.  They feel thin and papery which did not inspire much confidence.  However, they actually held up quite well.  They curbed the blowouts to about 1 night out of 4.
  • Huggies: Snug & Dry and Little Snuggler varieties – our winners!  With Huggies, Nate averages less than one blowout a week and those he has are small and occur after long stretches of time.  Now Huggies is the only brand we use overnight.  Both varieties performed similarly in terms of absorbency but do have some differences.  Little Snugglers are softer and have a wetness indicator strip.  Snug & Dry diapers aren’t as soft but they cost less.  They’re both winners in my book!


  • I used natural type diapers almost exclusively with Luke.  Normal diapers tended to irritate his skin while the natural brands did not.  I swore up and down they were the best.  Then Nate came along and was totally different!  After one too many blowouts I finally accepted that I needed to try something new (at least at night).  Switching to Huggies made a huge difference.  I’m not sure if they’re actually more absorbent or if they just fit his body better.  All I know is they work for us and we are all enjoying the much improved sleep!
  • Other tips I found helpful:
    • When diapering baby boys, it helps to point their penis downwards to prevent them from squirting up the top of their diaper.
    • It can also help to fold the top of the diaper down about an inch towards his belly.  That way even if he pees upwards, the folded lip will catch the urine and keep it in the diaper where it belongs.
  • Even more ideas that people suggested (these ones I haven’t tried):
    • Try going up a size in diapers.
    • Insert a cloth diaper or a maxi pad inside your little ones diaper for an extra layer of absorption.
    • Double up on diapers – normal size on the inside, one size up on the outside.
    • Try Huggies Overnites – this variety showed up all over the heavy wetter forums.  They start at a size 3, once Nate is big enough I’ll definitely test them out.
  • PS. I am not sponsored or compensated by Huggies in any way (or any other diaper company for that matter)!

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