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Healthy Homemade Soda Recipe

Healthy Homemade Soda Recipe

At the Hubbard house we’re constantly trying to strike a good balance between eating healthy while still really enjoying our food.  One way we do this is by reworking junk foods into healthy alternatives.  They still may not qualify as health foods but they satisfy our cravings and offer some real nutrition.  This soda is a great example of how you can replace empty calories without feeling deprived.  This recipe reminds me of the Izze brand sodas, only more customizable and less expensive!  It’s a fizzy, refreshing treat that’s a big hit with kids and adults too!

Healthy Homemade Soda


  • 2 parts club soda
  • 1 part juice of choice


  • For single servings – fill your glass 2/3rd’s full with club soda, top with juice of choice, stir and enjoy!
  • For larger quantities – use a pitcher, large mason jar or repurpose a plastic soda bottle.  Just make sure the container you choose has a lid so it doesn’t go flat.  Store in the fridge and enjoy throughout the week!


  • Juices – We usually make this with plain orange juice and it’s really good.  We’ve also been using a 100% juice blend that contains cranberry, blueberry, apple and grape juice.  Luke calls it pink juice and it’s the latest hit.  Other tasty options include lemonade, limeade or grapefruit juice (especially fresh squeezed!).  Try whatever juices you like best and feel free to adjust the juice ratio to suit your personal taste!
  • Club soda is literally just carbonated water.  It’s naturally calorie free and sugar free (although some brands contain sodium so check the label if this is a concern).  It has a smooth, mild flavor which lets the fruit juice steal the show.  Seltzer water could be substituted for a similar drink although I don’t think it tastes as good.  Tonic water could also be used although it has significant amounts of calories and sugar, which make it taste overly sweet and negate many of the health benefits.

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