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Puj Tub Review

Puj Tub Review

The Puj Tub is an innovative little tub that I have mixed feelings about.  I personally thought it was just okay, but I can see it being really helpful for people with space or physical limitations.   If you haven’t seen a Puj tub before, they look much different than normal baby tubs.  It’s essentially a sheet of foam that folds into a tub shape.  You place the folded tub into your sink, fill it with water (there are drainage holes to prevent it from getting too deep) and can then bathe baby while you’re standing at your sink.  It cradles the baby pretty snuggly in an inclined position and once you get the hang of it you have both hands free to wash up.  When bath time is over the Puj folds flat and can be hung in the bathroom out of sight.

There are several things I like about this tub.  It’s probably the most convenient tub on the market in terms of storage.  I’ve tried at least 3 different styles of baby tubs and got rid of them all because they were so bulky and cumbersome to store.  Unlike these traditional tubs, the Puj folds totally flat and can be easily stowed away for short term or long-term storage.  All it takes is a hook on your shower wall and it doesn’t take up space or get in the way.  I also like the material.  The foam is soft to touch and non-porous so it doesn’t absorb water and get nasty.  It cleans and dries easily.  Finally I see the value in helping moms bathe their babies without having to kneel and bend over a tub.  I don’t mind doing this (in fact I prefer it) but it can be really difficult for people with knee or back problems or for moms immediately following a c-section.

However, the Puj has its drawbacks.  First of all it claims to fit in almost any sink, which I simply don’t think is true.  In our experience it fit pretty well in our kitchen sink but was horrible in the bathrooms.  While it technically fit in these sink it was overly snug and the faucet jutted into the center of the tub right into the side of Nate’s body.  Our bathroom sinks and faucets are standard size so I imagine this would be an issue for a lot of people.  Second, I found it awkward to use.  I felt like Nate was sliding down too much causing the bottom of the tub to pop open.  The position and low water level leaves most of baby’s body exposed to the air and in the wintertime it’s hard to keep him warm.  After using it a couple times it got easier but there’s definitely a learning curve.  Finally this tub is small.  This is helpful when baby is first born because it holds them snugly.  But it means that your child will not fit in it for very long.  I can’t see it fitting for more than a few months, especially if you have a big baby.

Overall this is a tub for specific situations – if your home doesn’t have a bathtub, you have serious storage limitations or you have knee/back problems that make it difficult to kneel – then I’d seriously consider the Puj.  If these things don’t apply to you than you have better options.

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