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My 10 Favorite Posts

My 10 Favorite Posts

In the past year Young Mother Hubbard has grown from a tiny fledgling blog to a collection of over 150 posts and recipes.   The start of the new year seemed like a good time to look back over my collection and share some of the gems that may have slipped under the radar.   I recently posted my 10 most popular blog posts (see link at bottom of page) and decided to follow it up with my 10 personal favorite posts.  These are recipes I absolutely love and go back to again and again and again.   I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  1. Chapstick – Who knew just 3 ingredients could make killer chapstick?:
  2. Ultimate Glass Cleaner – It works better, smells better and costs less than windex, where do I sign up?:
  3. How to Make Foaming Hand Soap – Simple, cost effective hand soap that rinses clean and can be customized with the scent of your choice:
  4. All Purpose Cleaning Spray – Great non-toxic spray that can be used all over your home:
  5. Protein Chocolate Bars – So healthy and so delicious, they are totally addicting!:
  6. Lemon Poppyseed Zucchini Power Muffins – Great tasting bean based muffins you can feel really good about eating:
  7. Super Easy Peanut Butter Cookies – This is my favorite recipe for teaching kids to bake.  Just 4 ingredients and very little prep – you can make homemade cookies in less than 20 minutes:
  8. Coconut popsicles  – The best coconut popsicles I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a bunch!:
  9. Fruit Salad Popsicles – These pretty pops are a big time kid favorite that mom can feel good about too:
  10. Homemade Yellow Mustard – Like the stuff you grew up with, only better!:

For a list of my 10 most popular posts of 2012, see:

Photo Credit: Can you tell Luke likes these posts too?

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