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Chicco Lullaby LX Playard Review

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard Review

We used the Chicco Lullaby LX Playard and were really happy with it – and let me tell you that thing got a lot of use!  When Luke was born, Marshall’s job at the time kept us constantly on the move (we moved four times in Luke’s first 2 years).  Due to space and portability concerns, we opted to use a pack and play instead of a full size crib.  I did a lot of research to make sure we chose a good one and the Chicco Lullaby came out on top.

This is a sturdy, well built pack and play.  It feels solid and well balanced even when you give it a good shake.  The first time I assembled it was pretty confusing (I had never used a pack and play before).  But once I learned the ropes I could break it down or set it up in about a minute.  It folds into a compact rectangle that’s easy to store.  It’s slightly heavier than other pack and plays I’ve used but this minor annoyance is countered by increased sturdiness.  It comes with a quilted mattress that held up well and Luke seemed very comfortable with.

The Lullaby comes with a lot of extra features, which range from great to kind of pointless.  It has a bassinet, changing station, toy gym and remote controlled nightlight/vibration/music attachment. The bassinet is my favorite extra and we used it daily when Luke was an infant.  This is really convenient if you want baby to sleep in your room for the first weeks/months without moving the entire crib.  It’s also particularly helpful for moms who have c-sections.  The bassinet holds baby higher off the ground making them much easier to pick up while you’re recovering from surgery.  The other features were less helpful.  The light/music/vibration feature seemed gimmicky but Luke actually liked it, especially the vibration.  Despite not being very strong, it was surprisingly effective at soothing him.  The nightlight was a helpful touch when you inevitably check on them in the middle of the night.  As for the changing table, I found it annoying to strap on and off every day and preferred using a designated  changing table.  The toy gym was a total bust and I don’t think we used it at all.

When Luke was born both of our parents got pack and plays to keep at their homes.  Of the three models we used, I like the Chicco Lullaby best.  However, to be fair there’s much less variability in pack and plays compared to other baby items and they were all pretty good.  The Lullaby was the sturdiest and had the most bonus features, but it was also the most expensive.  I thought it was worth the price but if you want to save money or will only use it occasionally, you can get other decent models for less.


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