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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween rocks!  I love any excuse to dress up and now that kids are on the scene we have twice the fun.  Every year Marshall and I rack our brains for the perfect costume.  We usually make them ourselves and we start brainstorming months ahead of time.  Last year I stumbled upon a serious gem – a website called Coolest Homemade Costumes that’s devoted entirely to homemade Halloween costumes.  JACKPOT!  It has tons of categories including group, couples, pregnancy and baby costumes plus plenty of sub categories including characters, animals, classic/spooky, food items, even ideas for your pets.  The costumes range wildly in their degree of difficulty – many are really straight forward while others obviously took a lot of work.  Each costume includes pictures and some explanation about how they were made (although the directions section is kinda hit or miss since they were all posted by different people).  The site constantly accepts new posts so there are fresh new costumes every year.  You can even submit to their costume contest and win cash prizes!  This site shines as a source of ideas and inspiration.  I love to see all the clever things people come up with!

Last year we decided on a sushi costume for Luke and racing sausage costumes for us (our take on the sausages who race between innings at Milwaukee Brewers games, see photo below).   This year’s costumes are still in the works but in the meantime I wanted to share the website with you all because it’s awesome:  Enjoy and happy Halloween!

The newest racing sausages: Ann-Doie and Bo Loni:)

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