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Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Review

Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Review

I’m trying to rid our home of BPA (and other unnecessary chemicals) and have been testing lots of different BPA free sippy cups.  I was excited to try this one because it’s so darn cute.  Unfortunately appearance is this cups best asset.  It leaks, is annoying to clean and bulky to store.  It’s not horrible but there are better choices available.

Thermos Foogo – Leak Proof Stainless Steel Sippy, 7 oz

Description: This is a small steel sippy with plastic arms and a twist on top.


  • Appearance – My favorite thing about this cup is the way it looks.  It’s really cute, comes in fun colors and has arms that make it easy for toddlers to hold.
  • Size – At 7oz this is a great size for young toddlers, a little small for older kids.
  • Temperature Control – The insulated walls keep drinks cold for hours.  It also resists condensation (although this benefit was somewhat negated by the amount it leaked).


  • Cleaning – The worst thing about this cup is trying to keep it clean.  It claims that you can wash it in the dishwasher but that doesn’t solve the problem.  There’s a little reservoir that collects liquid within the spout (I assume this reduces leaking).  When you clean the cup, you have to disassemble the lid and clean the reservoir or you’ll wind up with a nasty, moldy mess.  This is inconvenient, easy to forget and just gross.  This area on our cup grew mold even when I thought I was cleaning it well.
  • Leakage – It did not live up to its leak proof name.  This cup leaked the most of the four we tried.  It wasn’t horrible but it was annoying and I expected more from a cup this expensive.
  • Bulkiness – The arms stick out quite a bit making an otherwise small cup take up a lot of storage space.
  • Price – I found this cup for about $13 on Amazon.  This is actually pretty reasonable for a stainless steel sippy.  However, its small size and tendency to grow funk greatly reduces it’s lifespan and makes it more expensive than the others in terms of cost per use.

My Verdict: This cup isn’t worth the extra effort.  It looks cute but it’s hard to clean, leaks quite a bit and is bulky to store.  There are better options available.


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