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Eco Vessel Kids Stainless Steel Thermos Review

Eco Vessel Kids Stainless Steel Thermos Review

I’ve been testing out different brands of BPA free sippy cups and the Eco Vessel thermos is one of the more unique cups that I’ve tried.  This is a really solid, well insulated cup that’s a little hard for young toddlers but would be perfect for school age kids.  Here’s my review.

Eco Vessel – Stainless Steel Double Wall Thermos with Flip Top Straw, 13 oz

Description: This is more of a thermos than a sippy.  It has an insulated stainless steel body and a plastic top with a sturdy flip up straw.


  • Durability – This just feels solid.  It’s simple, sturdy and seems well made.
  • Temperature Control – This cup is well insulated and keeps your drink nice and cold for hours.  It resists condensation very well which means I don’t need to worry when Luke leaves it on wood furniture.
  • Cleaning – It’s easy to clean this cup as long as you don’t mind rinsing a straw.  It detaches easily so you can run it under water or use a straw cleaner if you want to be really careful.  They also include an extra straw as back up.
  • Size – This was the biggest cup at 13oz, good for older kids and big drinkers.
  • Leakage – When the straw is down, this bottle is almost leak free.  When the straw is up it will leak when you turn it upside down.  Remember this before tossing it in your bag!


  • Bulkiness – This cup is somewhat thick and the lid sticks out on one side.  Both of these features serve a purpose (insulation and a handle) but they make for a rather bulky cup.
  • Spout – Young kids may have a hard time with straw spouts.  This cup is better suited for school age kids than it is for toddlers.
  • Price – I purchased this cup for around $18 on Amazon.  This is the going rate for this type of product but it sure seems expensive for a cup!

My Verdict: I like this cup a lot, just not for daily use around the house.  I found it a little too bulky to use as a sippy.  However, it would be a great travel or school lunch cup because it keeps things cold and doesn’t leak (as long as the straw is down).


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