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Plastic Sippy Cup Review (old tupperware style)

Plastic Sippy Cup Review (old tupperware style)

When I was growing up, everyone I knew had a set of tupperware sippy cups.  They were the perfect size for little hands, contained spills and lasted forever (my mom still has some in her cupboard today).  When my son transitioned to a cup I looked high and low for tupperware sippies to no avail.  These cups are the closest I’ve found.

BPA Free Baby Sippy Cups and Lids Review


  • Appearance – No bells and whistles here, just a simple cup and basic snap on lid.  They’re made of BPA free plastic and come in a variety of cute colors.
  • Size – these cups hold about 7 ounces which is perfect for young kids but a little small for older children.  They’re easy for my son to hold and the streamlined shape makes them stackable and very easy to store.
  • Price – these cups are really cheap.  They’re sold in packs of 3 and cost around $6, including shipping.  This is hard to beat for a decent BPA free cup.
  • Cleaning – because they’re so simple, these cups are really easy to clean.  There are no parts to disassemble or hidden nooks where mold can grow.  They’re dishwasher safe (top rack) and take about 3 seconds to clean by hand.
  • Leakage – these sippies minimize but don’t completely stop spills.  When turned upside down or on their side they drip slowly.  For me this was adequate and as long as Luke doesn’t turn his cup over and start shaking (which he has been known to do) I’ve been happy with their leakage control.


  • Plastic – Ideally I prefer non-plastic cups.  I compromised on these because they’re BPA free, the price was right and they reminded me of my childhood cups.
  • Temperature Control – these cups are not insulated so don’t expect them to keep anything cold.
  • Durability – these seem like solid little cups.  They’re shatterproof and the plastic feels fairly strong yet flexible.  We’ve had them for almost a year now and the cups themselves have held up great.  However, 2 of the 6 lids have begun to crack.  1 crack is contained on the lip and can still be used.  The other went to the top of the lid and had to be thrown away.  I was disappointed that they didn’t hold up better.

Overall: These are decent little cups.  If you’re looking for reasonably priced BPA free cups, they’re hard to beat.  They work well, are easy to clean, easy to store and they’re a good size and shape for young kids.  My main complaint is that the lids start to break down over time.  Despite this, they’re still worth it for the price.


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