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Disposable Diaper Reviews

Disposable Diaper Reviews

Disposable Diaper Reviews – I had a hard time deciding between disposable and cloth diapers.  In the end I had enough issues with our washing machine that the convenience of disposables was just too much to pass up.  As a compromise I stick to the most natural disposables I can find.  My go to brand is Earth’s Best although I also use Nature Babycare and will buy Seventh Generation diapers in a pinch (reviews to follow). I must admit, this is not a perfect compromise – they still fill up landfills, cannot be recycled and cost more than normal brands.  But if you’re going the disposable route, I think they’re worth it and here’s why:

Compared to normal disposables, the natural brands are chlorine free which reduces dioxin pollution and exposure.  They have a higher content of renewable and biodegradable materials.  They don’t contain synthetic dyes or perfumes.  They’re gentler on your baby’s skin and they have similar effectiveness and absorbency to regular disposables.  I also find them more pleasant to use for two specific reasons.  First, they’re less likely to cause diaper rash.  I’m not sure what’s in normal diapers, but something irritates Luke’s skin.  He virtually never got diaper rash unless he wore regular disposables.  On these occasions, we’d just apply a little olive oil, switch back to the natural brand (or cloth if the case was particularly bad) and it would be gone within 2 days max.  Second, the natural brands don’t smell.  This is a biggie for me because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a weirdo about fragrances.  A lot of normal brands just turn my stomach. The natural diapers on the other hand smell like nothing, which I like!

In general I feel good about reducing the chemicals in our home, especially those that come in such close contact with babies and children.  Once I made the decision to use natural disposables, I tried several different brands (there aren’t many to choose from!) and here are my thoughts on each:

  • Earth’s Best – This is my favorite diaper brand.  They work really well, have good absorbency and seldom blow out.  They also look cute – crisp white with a simple logo band across the top.  They’re easy to find in person and online.  I can get them at our normal grocery store, health food store, Babies R Us and tons of online retailers.  They’re reasonably priced and can be purchased by the case for significant savings.  Sizes run from newborn all the way through toddler pull ups.
  • Nature Babycare – this is my next favorite brand.  Based on their claims they’re the most biodegradable disposable diaper I’ve found.  They’re a sweedish company that strives to use natural and renewable resources wherever possible.  They work almost as well as Earth’s Best but they’re slightly less absorbent.  Their exterior also has a papery feel to it which I’m not crazy about although the inside is soft and gentle on Luke’s skin.  They’re nice looking diapers – white with cute little leaves scattered across.  My biggest issue with this brand is that they’re hard to find and they have a couple less diapers per pack which makes the cost per diaper a bit more.  I’ve seen them in specialty stores but for the most part, you’ll have to order online.
  • Seventh Generation – I wanted to like these diapers because in general I’m a fan of the brand but they’re the least of the three by far.  The biggest problem is that Luke blows them out – a lot!  At one point I bought a case and almost every other diaper blew out.  That was a very frustrating and laundry filled month for Marshall and I.  I’m also not crazy about the way they look.  They’re a light tan color that’s probably unbleached and more natural but it just looks dingy and dirty to me.  That being said, they’re priced similar to Earth’s Best and are easier to find than Nature Babycare.  Although they didn’t work for us, they are a hit with lots of other moms – so don’t rule them out until you try them!

Finally, my advice to frugal moms is to buy diapers in bulk. The retailers I use are, and  Buying online by the case will typically save you between 25-50% off the individual package price and prevent you from constantly going on diaper runs.  If you find any good brands besides those listed above, I’d love to hear about it!

For reviews of additional items we’ve used and loved, please see:

Photo: Luke in a Nature Babycare diaper enjoying some fun and sun on the Chesapeake!

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