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Baby Trend Diaper Champ Review

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Review

I have to be honest, diaper pails gross me out and I almost didn’t get one at all.  But many moms swear by them and it was one of those things that I felt like I was supposed to buy so we got a Baby Trend Diaper Champ and used it for about a year.  I chose this model because it uses any old trash bag and I refuse to buy special diaper pail bags.  It’s very basic but did a pretty good job.  It was big enough to hold about 5-7 days worth of diapers as long as I folded them.  This seems like a reasonable amount of time because I didn’t have to constantly change the bag and wouldn’t want dirty diapers sitting around for more than a week anyway!

The Diaper Champ is built like a normal trash can with a special lid to control odor.  The lid has an arm which you lift to open a receptacle on the top.  Just place the diaper inside and push the arm back down.  This drops the diaper into the bottom part of the can and closes the receptacle to minimize smells.  The lid itself latches shut to prevent accidental opening and has a simple release button when you want to swing it open to be emptied.  The pail itself is lined with an ordinary trash bag which saves hassle and expense.  The Diaper Champ is nothing fancy but it’s a solid little design.  I’m very sensitive to smells and I’d say it does a good (but not perfect) job at containing odors.  It was great when Luke was exclusively nursing as those diapers don’t smell too bad.  But as time went on it did get a little smellier.  Part of this is probably my fault because every so often one of the bags leaked a bit and I was not good about rinsing or cleaning the container in any way.  After a year, some funk had accumulated and instead of giving it a proper cleaning, I took the lazy route and just got rid of it (not my proudest moment, but pooh is not my strong suit!).  Now I throw our pee diapers in the normal trash can and put pooh diapers immediately in the outside trash.  Overall though I’d say I was happy with the Diaper Champ.  If you want a no frills pail at a reasonable price, this is a very good option.


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