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Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

We have the Baby Jogger City Mini and I love it. It’s light weight, convenient, comfortable, relatively small, collapses very easily and rides really nice.  My favorite feature is the easy close mechanism.  When you want to fold it up you just pull a single strap and it collapses flat.  This was important because Marshall was frequently away for work during Luke’s first year and Luke and I took a lot of walks by ourselves.  The City Mini was so easy I could hold him in one arm, fold the stroller with the other and toss it into the trunk one handed.  This is a dream come true compared to some other models that practically require a masters in engineering to break them down.  In the flat position, it’s pretty compact and can be easily stowed in a trunk or closet.

This stroller also maneuvers really well.  The way it’s designed makes it possible (although not fun) to push one handed.  On occasional crazy days I have been know to walk the dog and Luke simultaneously.  I honestly wouldn’t recommend this but I like that it’s at least possible on those days when we all really need to get out of the house.  Another good thing about this stroller is that kids seem to like using it.  Luke, our neice and some of our friends kids all took to it well.  The seat back can be adjusted from straight up to laying almost flat and anything in between.  It also rides smoothly and has adjustable straps to accommodate kids of different sizes.  This gives the stroller good longevity.  We started using it around 3 months and still use it regularly at age 2 ½ .  Finally I think the City Mini just looks cool.  It’s simple and sleek with classic colors and a great sun shade.  The shade even has little viewing windows so you can peek on baby while you walk.  Luke loves to look up through the window and yell “Hi Mama!”.

My only two criticisms about the City Mini are minor.  First, it’s not a good newborn stroller.  Luke grew into it quickly (by 3 months we were using it regularly) but I was bummed that it didn’t immediately fit right.  Also the adjustable straps are hard to adjust.  Maybe I’m just doing it wrong but I always struggle with them when Luke grows and I want to change the size.  Other than that, I’ve been very happy with this stroller.  It’s the best that I’ve tried and I enthusiastically recommended it to friends.  I think you’ll like it too!


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Photo Credit: J. Pinkstaff “The Sugarloft”

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