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Baby Bjorn Review

Baby Bjorn Review

I used the Baby Bjorn (original/classic model) every day for hours and hours when Luke was an infant, it was literally a lifesaver.  Infants constantly want and need to be held and while I’m all about snuggle time, it makes it really hard to get anything else done!  This carrier gives your baby the close contact they crave while keeping your hands free to actually get some work done.  This is helpful for any mom and an absolute must if you have a baby with colic (many colicky babies will settle down in a carrier).

I like this particular carrier because it’s easy to use, comfortable to wear, it’s relatively small and it looks better than most carriers.  Once you use it a couple times you can pop baby in and out quickly and easily.  Luke was a little on the small side and it was too big when he was first born but by the time he was about 4 weeks old, it fit him securely and comfortably.  The wide padded straps and crisscrossing back distributed the weight pretty well and were easy on my shoulders and back.  It’s also simple to adjust.  I’m 5’5” and Marshall is 6’3” and we learned to quickly adjust the straps so that it fit both of us well.  For the first four months or so I wore Luke in the Bjorn for at least 3 hours a day and often considerably more.  It was great for walking the dogs, running errands, working around the house, even going to ball games.  I can’t recommend this enough for an infant…

There is only one caveat.  For us this carrier had a lifespan of about 5 months.  Around that time two things happened, Luke’s head control improved dramatically and he became much more curious about the world around him.  Once they have good head control you can change your baby’s position so they’re facing out instead of facing your chest.  Supposedly this works for many babies, but not Luke – he just didn’t like it.  This was an upsetting turn of events (I loved that carrier!) so I tried a backpack carrier and it worked like a charm.  By the time Luke was 6 months old we transitioned exclusively to the backpack which we used for the next year and a half.  In retrospect I think this timing was good because Luke was getting considerably heavier and I don’t know how much more weight I could have comfortably carried on my front.

Despite this short lifespan, the Bjorn was well worth the expense. For me an infant carrier is a must have. We used the Bjorn nonstop during the early months and it was wonderful.  It was so helpful in keeping Luke safe and happy and keeping me sane and productive. Some babies will use it longer than others (I’ve heard some moms who still used it at one year and more) just don’t expect it to last forever.


For pricing and additional reviews, please see:ÖRN-Baby-Carrier-Original-Classic/dp/B0009JOSNM/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1346011121&sr=1-1&keywords=baby+bjorn


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