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Chicco KeyFit Review

Chicco KeyFit Review

Chicco KeyFit Car Seat Review

We used the Chicco KeyFit car seat from the time Luke was born until he was about 1 year old.  I think this is a great little seat and and we were really happy with it.  It’s sturdy, well made and holds your child securely and comfortably.  It got great safety reviews and it was straight forward to install and use.  Once installed it felt stable and even contains a built in level to help ensure it’s placed properly.  The thing that sets this apart from other car seats I’ve tried is how simple it is to adjust to properly fit your baby.  You just pull a single strap to tighten the straps and push a button on the front to loosen them.  This makes it easy to adjust the straps as your child grows, if he’s wearing bulky clothing or if you’re transporting someone else’s child who is bigger or smaller than your own.  All of this can be done in like 2 seconds while your child is sitting in the seat.  This sounds like a really basic thing to ramble on about but it makes a big difference.  My parents got a Graco model for their car and while it was a nice seat (and cost less), you had to remove the seat and adjust the straps from the back anytime you needed some slack.  This was enough of a hassle that when I was in a rush I found myself trying to squeeze Luke into too tight straps rather than taking the time to make the adjustment.

I do however, have a couple small criticisms of the KeyFit.  First the handle curves a bit which makes it somewhat more awkward to carry than seats with a straight handle.  Most people aren’t carrying their car seats over long distances so this isn’t a big deal, but I wish they would change it anyway.  Also this seat is more expensive than seats made by brands like Graco or Britax.  I liked it enough to justify the price difference but you should know that there are cheaper options that also have good safety reviews, they just aren’t quite as pleasant to use.

One last thing – If you have more than one car, you may want to consider buying an extra base.  Infant seats are designed as a base that you install and leave in your car and a detachable carrier where the baby sits.  Having a base installed in both of your vehicles saves time so that you don’t have to reinstall the seat every time you switch cars.  To be honest, moving the base isn’t hard once you get used to it so this is not a necessary purchase but it’s a really nice convenience if you can afford it!


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Photo: Newborn Luke leaving the hospital in the KeyFit!

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