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South of the James Farmers Market Review

South of the James Farmers Market Review

South of the James Market

  • Address: Forest Hill Park – New Kent Rd at W 42nd St, Richmond, VA 23225
  • Hours: Saturdays 8-12 (May-Dec), Sat 10-12 (Dec-Apr)
  • Website:

South of the James is without a doubt the best market in Richmond.  It’s located in Forest Hill Park just south of the James River.  The market sets up beyond the 42nd St. park entrance.  They have a good size parking lot at this entrance but the crowds are so big that it often fills up and you have to park along one of the side streets such as New Kent or Stonewall.  Once you park, just follow the throngs of people and you’ll wind up at the market.

Ok, so now about the market itself – it is AWESOME!  It’s so big and festive, it feels almost like a carnival!  In my experience, they typically have around 60 vendors selling just about any food item you can imagine.  They have produce out the wazoo, pastured beef, lamb, pork and chicken (including unusual cuts/parts not commonly seen at Richmond markets), some seafood, eggs, pasta, honey, mushrooms, goat cheese, breads, pizza dough, pastries, desserts, fruit and veggie preserves, nut butters, coffee, chocolate, wine, dog food/snacks, flowers, plants, prepared foods including Boka Truck (great taco truck), barbeque, jerky, spring rolls, vegan foods, juices, limeade, popsicles, and handmade items such as alpaca wool and fibers, soaps, skincare products, home cleaning products, candles, jewelry, art, pottery and more.  It’s a producer only market so everything is local and they have a decent number of organic vendors.  With the exception of a milk and hard cheese vendor (which are surprisingly difficult to come by in VA), they have pretty much anything else you could ask for.  It’s pretty incredible.

I love the entire experience of this market.  In addition to getting great local produce, you can enjoy a killer breakfast or lunch, relax with a delicious limeade or coffee, take the kids/dog for a walk around the park, find cool locally made crafts and home goods and do some great people watching.  You can spend a really fun (and well fed) morning here.  I HIGHLY recommend this market.  If you’re a northsider who doesn’t like to cross the river- go anyway, it’s that good! It’s by far the biggest market in Richmond with the best variety and arguably the best atmosphere.  Plus it’s just barely south of the river and actually quite convenient to many parts of the city.  If you like farmers markets and live anywhere near Richmond, this is the market to go to!


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