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Virginia Street Farmers Market Review

Virginia Street Farmers Market Review

Virginia Street Farmers Market

  • Address: 114 Virginia St, Richmond (Shockoe Slip)
  • Hours: Thursdays 3-7 (May – October)
  • Website: None

Virginia Street is a Thursday market located in Shockoe Slip, close to downtown.  I usually shop markets on Saturdays but I appreciate having mid week options, especially when I’m out of town on the weekends.  This market is located just above the canal walk near the Turning Basin between Virginia St and 14th Street.  Prior to having kids I spent many a night at Sine Irish Pub on Cary Street and this place is basically in its backyard –  go out Sine’s back door, walk a block or so down the hill and the market is on your left.

I have mixed feelings about this market.   I like that it’s on Thursdays and I think the location is pretty cool.  It has a good amount of charm with the cobblestone streets and the upbeat urban vibe.  However, the space itself is quite small and greatly limits the number of vendors.  When I went, there were about a dozen vendors with space for just a few more.  They did a good job of getting a lot of different types of vendors.  There were a few produce stands, one selling soap, cheese and bread, one selling plants, another selling jellies, preserves and eggs, one selling wine, one selling cakes, a stand selling jewelry, a prepared food vendor selling spring rolls and an amish food truck selling donuts that they were baking on site and which smelled outrageously delicious.  Although they hit most of the staple items, the stands were on the small side and selection within each category was rather limited.   I think this is new market so I’ll cut them some slack while they work out the kinks.  My concern however, is that for this to really take off, they need more vendors and I simply don’t know where they’ll put them.  The other issue I have is the parking.  If you’re willing to pay, there are plenty of lots and garages.  But I’m cheap and it took me a few spins around the block to find a spot on the street.

Overall, this market is decent but currently nothing special.  It’s one of just a few mid week options (although in this regard I prefer the Byrd House Market on Tuesdays).  If you live or work downtown or if you really love fresh donuts, then this is a worthwhile market.  Hopefully they can figure out their space issues (maybe expand down to the canal walk?), attract some more vendors and really take it up a notch!


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