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Monument Market Review

Monument Market Review

Monument Market

I just recently heard of the Monument Market and decided to check it out.  It’s located in a large parking lot at the intersection of Monument and North Robinson Street (it’s hosted by Richmond’s First Baptist Church which is located at 2709 Monument Ave). The market is along one of the really beautiful stretches of Monument Ave, which makes for good walking with lots of cool houses to look at.  The parking appeared to be all street parking and I parked along Monument without problem.

The market itself is a somewhat small with about a dozen or so vendors.  Considering the small size, the variety is quite decent – they have nice produce, meat, eggs, bread, raw milk shares and some miscellaneous artisan stalls.  It’s not a particularly charming market but it gets the job done and is the only active farmers market in the fan.  It gives the impression of a new market with good potential.  The location is prime, there’s plenty of space for additional vendors and I’ll be curious to see how it takes off.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one!


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