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Byrd House Market Review

Byrd House Market Review

Byrd House Market

Byrd House is a fun and funky Tuesday market near Oregon Hill (a couple blocks north of Hollywood Cemetery).  Besides going to the Tredegar/Brown’s Island area which is about a mile away, I really haven’t spent much time in this part of the city.  It’s a compact neighborhood with somewhat worn (but still charming) old row homes.  The market is located on Idlewood Ave where it connects with Lindin St.  Most people park along Idlewood Ave.  This was a little confusing because the block is lined with no parking signs.  But upon closer inspection, the signs say that parking is reserved for market shoppers.  There’s a community garden along the road and several open lots behind it where vendors set up tents.  About 2-3 dozen vendors set up shop and the atmosphere is fun and festive.  I was really impressed by their selection.  They have all of the stuff you’d expect to see (produce, meat, eggs) and more organic options than most of the surrounding markets.  They also offer a lot of less common products.  I was excited to see Sausage Craft, an excellent gourmet sausage company, had a stall.  The market also has a chocolate vendor, a mushroom vendor, people selling pasta, cheese (chevre and mozzarella) and even a vendor offering raw milk shares (good dairies are hard to find in Richmond).  There were a few prepared food vendors selling asian dishes, picnic type food and Soul Ice which looked great.  My only complaint is that they had very limited baked goods.  But everything else was so good, it more than made up for it.  Overall I was totally impressed by this market and include it as one of my top three markets.  Swing by on your way home from work next Tuesday, you’ll be glad you did!

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