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St Stephen’s Farmers Market Review

St Stephen’s Farmers Market Review

St. Stephens Farmers Market

This market is hosted by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on a really cute section of Grove Ave that has both shops and beautiful old homes (it’s a great neighborhood to walk the dog and browse at all the cool houses).  When churches offer farmer’s markets, people often assume they’ll be small and cater primarily towards parishoners.  This is not the case here.  This is a legitamate, popular, full scale market.  Park at the church and enjoy a very nice selection of 2-3 dozen vendors.  Stalls include all the usual stuff (local produce, pastured meat and eggs, some baked goods) plus plenty of extras such as pasta, sorbet, coffee, dog treats, jewelry and artisan stands.  They also have several vendors selling prepared foods including Boka Truck which sells gourmet tacos and is probably the hottest food truck in Richmond.  If you haven’t heard of Boka Truck, check out their website: – this market is worth the trip if only for the tacos!

Overall this is one of the best markets in Richmond.  It’s an attractive setting, has an above average selection and ample, convenient parking.  My only complaints are a limited selection of organic produce (most of it was conventional or “sustainable” which often seems like a misused term to me) and a limited bread selection (when I’ve gone the baked goods have been primarily desserts).  Regardless, I was impressed by the variety of foods, products and by the prepared food selection.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

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