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My Manakin Market Review

My Manakin Market Review

My Manakin Market

  • Address: 68 Broad Street Rd, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
  • Hours: Saturdays 9am-1pm, May-October
  • Website:

I avoided this market for a long time because I assumed it was way out in Goochland and didn’t want to drive that far when closer options are available.  Well I finally got around to trying it and it’s way closer than I thought.  It’s on Broad Street just a few miles west of Short Pump and actually quite convenient if you live in the West End.  Coming from Short Pump my GPS was a little off.  It tried to make me turn at a Food Lion shopping center – this is not it.  Just drive 1/10 of a mile or so past Food Lion and you’ll see a big Farmers Market sign on the right.  If you hit Manakin Rd you’ve gone too far (please note these directions are from Short Pump).  Turn onto a paved road/driveway that leads to a tree lined field where the market is held.  It looks like construction of some sort is in the works, but right now it’s pretty much just a field.  Parking is haphazard, I got a spot on the side of the road without problem but I could see this being kind of annoying on days when there’s a large crowd.

Anyway, now about the market!  This is the most rustic market I’ve seen in Richmond and I really like it. When you get out of your car you immediately smell barbeque and hear live music playing.  The first vendor you come to is a food truck selling pulled pork sandwiches and smoking their meat on site – it’s delicious and really sets the mood!  Beyond that there are about 2 dozen vendors offering an above average selection.  They have all the usual stuff like local produce, pastured meat, eggs, baked goods, plants, etc. and more organic vendors than most of the surrounding markets.  What also sets this market apart are the random homesteading vendors selling less common products.  There was a stall selling live chicks – various chickens, ducks and guinea hens as well as poultry raising supplies.  Another vendor was doing a shearing demonstration with about half a dozen alpacas and had a variety of alpaca products.  They had more vendors selling rain barrels and compost bins, kids selling homemade candles, etc.  The whole atmosphere was welcoming and festive. They have picnic tables in the center which added to the community feel.  It made you want to do your shopping then relax at a table with a BBQ sandwich and a pint of strawberries (both of which I bought).  The market is dog friendly and they seem to make an effort to involve and engage kids which I like.  They also offer occasional workshops on things like organic agriculture and chicken coop building. Overall this isn’t a huge market but it’s fun and unique.  I’ll definitely be going back!

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