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Where to Find Homemade Skincare Supplies

Where to Find Homemade Skincare Supplies

Homemade skincare products are easy and rewarding to make.  Most of the ingredients can be found at a health food store (some are even at the grocery store) but there are a few that can be a little tricky to find and there can be considerable variation in price.  Below is my feedback on my favorite suppliers, hope it helps!

 Where to Find Homemade Skincare Supplies:

  • Base Oils– Most of the oils I buy (including jojoba, soybean and sweet almond) come from my local health food store or online from Mountain Rose Herbs, Jean’s Greens or sometimes Amazon.  The prices are better online but the shipping is steep.  If I need a small quantity, I generally go to the health food store.  If I’m buying in bulk or have a bunch of other items to combine shipping, I buy online.
    • Exceptions – olive oil and coconut oil are two exceptions that can be found at the grocery store.  Our local grocer carries several brands of coconut oil in the Natural Foods section. It’s a good price, convenient and saves shipping.  You can also find it at health food stores and specialty stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.  Make sure the brand you buy is organic and unrefined – the refining process leaves chemical residue and removes the delicious smell and skin healing power.  As for Olive oil just use the same stuff you cook with.  I like regular extra virgin olive oil although some people prefer the light version because it doesn’t smell as strong.
  • Baking soda – regular baking soda from the grocery store works just fine.
  • Beeswax – I normally buy this online through Mountain Rose Herbs or Jean’s Greens.  Although recently I was pleased to find a vendor on Amazon who sells organic beeswax pastilles (little pellets) which make it much easier to measure.  You can also find beeswax at some health food stores.  Look for cosmetic grade beeswax, not the cheap stuff marketed to candle makers.
  • Cocoa butter – This is another product I typically buy through Mountain Rose or Jean’s Greens.  I prefer the wafer form (versus a hunk of solid butter) because they’re easier to measure.
  • Containers – I buy most of my containers (jars, tins, pumps, chapstick tubes, etc.) online through Mountain Rose Herbs.  Jean’s Greens also has a good variety of containers but you have to order at least a dozen which is inconvenient.  The shipping costs are the only drawback so I try to order several products at once to minimize the cost.  Sometimes you can find tins and pumps in random places such as Michaels and even the dollar store.  I keep a lookout for items like this and stock up when I find good deals.
  • Cosmetic clays – I buy most of my clays online through Mountain Rose and Jean’s Greens.  Occasionally I find them at the health food store but it’s hit or miss.
  • Essential oils – If you’re new to essential oils, I’d recommend buying them from your local health food store so you can smell them before you buy them (they don’t always smell the way you expect).  Once you know which ones you like you, can often find better deals online.  Make sure the brand you buy is pure, not a fragrance or perfume oil, and not mixed with any additives.  Good quality essential oils should be sold in dark glass bottles (essential oils can dissolve plastic and are damaged by light).  Avoid companies that sell all their oils for the same price (there’s a lot of variability in the cost to produce different oils, if they all cost the same, they’re probably just fragrance oils).  I generally stick to known brands so I can have some assurance of their quality.
  • Labels (Waterproof) – I label all of my products with their name and recipe (they’re much easier to refill this way).  I use water resistant labels so they don’t fall apart every time they get wet.  If you have a laser jet printer, office supply stores carry a decent selection (usually listed as water resistant or weatherproof).  If you have an inkjet like me, your options are slim.  After lots of google searches I found a good selection at Elements Bath and Body:  The only downside is their outrageous shipping.  For this reason I postponed my label order until I had enough additional supplies to justify the shipping (they have lots of containers, skincare and soap making supplies).  When it comes to printing your labels take a lesson from me – use the lowest ink setting (called fast draft on our printer) and let them dry completely before touching or they will smear.  If you do it right, you’ll have beautiful, professional looking labels that look great!
  • Liquid castile soap – A few years ago I could only find this at the health food store but now it’s sold at my local grocer, yay!  You can find this online but because I buy at least 32 oz at a time, it’s expensive to ship.  You’re local health food store, Whole Foods or even grocery store is the way to go.  I strongly prefer Dr. Bronners unscented liquid castile soap.  It’s high quality, fairly priced and has almost no scent.  When I tried a generic, it worked okay but had a musty unpleasant smell that overwhelmed the products I made.
  • Sugar/salt – I get this from the grocery store and use it primarily for my scrubs.  I personally like fine grain sugar/salt because it’s gentler on my skin than the coarse stuff.  I like the smell and consistency of brown sugar although some people swear by raw sugar.  When it comes to salt I prefer sea salt.
  • Water – If I’m being honest, I usually just use the water straight out of my tap.  However, if you want to turn your recipes up a notch, use purified water.  You can get a gallon at the grocery store for just a buck or two and supposedly filtering out the impurities makes a better product (although I haven’t noticed much difference).  It’s your choice!
Please note – two of the online vendors I use frequently are Mountain Rose Herbs and Jean’s Greens.  They have a great inventory of natural supplies and products and I highly recommend them.  Here are detailed reviews of both companies if you’re interested:


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