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Jean’s Greens – Vendor Review

Jean’s Greens – Vendor Review

Another online supplier I use regularly is Jean’s Greens: They’re a good source of herbs, homemade skincare ingredients and containers.  I’ve placed dozens of orders with them and have been pleased by their quality, delivery speed and customer service.  They also have quite a selection of premade products including skincare, general health, petcare and even some random jewelry and items for your home.  The premade items appear natural but I haven’t tried them so I can’t vouch for their quality.

The categories I use most often are Do-It-Yourself products, Essential oils, Herbs, Jean’s Jars and Jean’s Oils.  Their inventory is similar to Mountain Rose ( but with a different vibe.  Jean’s has a smaller, more local feel to it.  Their customer support is awesome – they’re friendly and helpful and really seem to care about what they do.  Often my orders have a thank you note handwritten on the receipt. They usually ship things really fast which I appreciate.  They also have a good variety of items and fair pricing.  They tend to be a little more expensive than Mountain Rose but they also offer many items (such as herbs and oils) in smaller quantities which is helpful when you only need small amounts or you’re not sure if you’re gonna like something. Two exceptions to this are their essential oils which are considerably cheaper at Jean’s Greens (pro – Jean’s) and their containers which can be purchased individually at Mountain Rose but only by the dozen at Jean’s Greens (pro – Mountain Rose).  On the down side their website is kinda frumpy.  It has so many categories that it’s easy to overlook items and doesn’t flow very well.  Their packaging also isn’t as professional as Mountain Rose.

Overall Jean’s Greens is one of my favorite suppliers, second only to Mountain Rose.  When I stock up on supplies, I usually go to Mountain Rose first then I shop Jean’s Greens for items I couldn’t find or that I want in small quantities.  They’re an excellent source of DIY health and skincare supplies and I give them my wholehearted recommendation!

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