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Mountain Rose Herbs – Vendor Review

Mountain Rose Herbs – Vendor Review

I order a lot of supplies online because the pricing is good and some of the items are difficult to find in stores.  Mountain Rose Herbs ( is one of my favorite suppliers.  They carry an extensive inventory of products including:

  • Herbs and spices (most of which are organic)
  • Tea and tea supplies
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy supplies
  • Homemade skincare ingredients
  • Containers and packaging for homemade products
  • And a variety of premade products for the bath, body, health and home

I like Mountain Rose for a number of reasons.  Everything I’ve bought from them has been good quality.  They offer tons of organic, sustainable and even fair trade items.  Their inventory is huge, their prices are reasonable and they have the best packaging of the suppliers I work with which is  a nice touch.  My only criticism is that items take a few days to ship (I’ve gotten spoiled by Amazon’s two day guarantee!) and occasionally items go on back order.  Overall they’re a great company with great products.  I use them primarily for my herbs/spices, skincare supplies and some of my containers.  Here’s more detailed feedback on these specific areas:

  • Herbs/Spices – I’ve been buying Mountain Rose herbs for years.  I use them mostly for loose tea blends and sometimes for skincare products such as bath bags, hair washes, etc.  Their herb list is massive and everything looks, smells and tastes really fresh.  This year I started buying spices from them too.  We have a nice spice rack with refillable jars that had been in storage for the past couple years as Marshall and I moved around the country.  Now we’re finally settled and decided to treat ourselves to a housewarming gift of new spices.  Before buying I compared Mountain Rose to our local grocery store (Martins) and there was absolutely no comparison!   Most Mountain Rose spices were organic and cost around $1 per ounce.  The grocery store spices were not organic and cost $3-4 per ounce.  But there is a catch – Mountain Rose has a minimum order of 4 oz for most items which is pretty big.  And the spices come in bags, not shakers so you’ll need to transfer them to your own containers.  This was great for us because we go through spices at warp speed, we already have refillable spice shakers and I like that it reduces waste.  It’s not great for items that you want very small amounts of or if you don’t have (or want) refillable containers.
  • Homemade skincare ingredients – Mountain Rose carries a good selection of ingredients for making your own skincare products. They offer all of the basic skincare ingredients and a good deal more.  They have butters (like cocoa butter), lots of base oils (like almond and coconut oil), over 100 different essential oils, cosmetic clays and salts, beeswax, aloe, natural preservatives and more. Their products are high quality but you won’t find as many savings in this section, especially with the essential oils.  The skincare supplies I buy most often through Mountain Rose are items that I can’t find in the health food store or that I specifically want in large quantities.
  • Containers and packaging – I buy many of my empty skincare containers through Mountain Rose including tea bags, muslin bath bags, lip balm tubes, lotion pumps, spray pumps, tins and plastic bottles.  Their selection is decent, their pricing is good and many of the items can be cleaned and reused which saves money down the line.  There are no bells and whistles here, just good, simple containers at a fair price.

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