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Vitamix Review

Vitamix Review

Vitamix Product Review:

I didn’t think it was possible to love a blender, then I got a Vitamix.  That sounds unbelievably corny but it’s true, this blender rocks.  My mom got one over 4 years ago and she wouldn’t stop talking about it.  It became a running joke in my family, she’d gush to everyone, “This machine has revolutionized the way we eat, it has literally changed our lives!”.  Now anyone who knows my mom knows her reputation for enthusiastic reviews.  So I chalked it up to a cute quirk and basically ignored her (sorry mom!).  But this time she didn’t stop.  Two years later she was still talking about that darn blender!  By that time I was pregnant with

uke and healthy food choices suddenly seemed more important than ever.  So I finally looked into the Vitamix but I balked at the high price tag.  Then unbeknownst to me, my parents surprised us with our own Vitamix that Christmas.  And it is awesome.

For anyone who has struggled with crappy blenders, the Vitamix is a dream come true.  It pulverizes almost anything – at warp speed and to an absurdly fine consistency.  Forget peeling and finely chopping.  Just chop items into a few big pieces and toss them in.  It pulverizes things like potato or fruit skins so finely you scarcely notice them.  This saves precious time and adds important nutrients and fiber from the skins.  You can make soups, smoothies, freezer drinks, juices, peanut butter, baby food, vegetable dips, sauces and more in just minutes. My thoughtful mother even got us a dry compartment which I use to grind our own fresh flour, how cool!  Plus it’s way easier to clean than a normal blender – just fill the canister about 2/3rds full with water, add a squirt of soap and give it a good blend.  It essentially cleans itself.

This is seriously the ultimate blender.  The only catch is the cost, and that’s significant.  It typically runs several hundred dollars which is hard to justify when so many cheaper options are available.  But a Vitamix is so much better than a normal blender.  It saves time cooking, cleaning and does things a normal blender could never do.  It makes it so easy to add fresh, whole foods to your diet.  Now a Vitamix is not worth going broke for.  But if you can afford it (or save up for it), you’ll be happy you did.

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2 Responses to “Vitamix Review”

  1. Josh says:

    I agree… we love our Vitamix too! We’ve only had it for 3 short years but I know it will be a permanent fixture in our kitchen. Have you tried making ice cream in it yet? That’s one of our favorites. I did a little demo of making ice cream in the middle of my Vitamix review on Youtube here:

    • Jen Hubbard says:

      Hey Josh, great video! We make flour all the time but I only tried ice-cream once and it was too watery for my taste. Using frozen fruit and milk is such an easy fix, I definitely need to try that! Thanks for the share!

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