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Making It – Book Review

Making It – Book Review

Making It is the latest book by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen (they also wrote The Urban Homestead and the blog Root Simple).  They’re big time advocates for the do-it-yourself lifestyle and demonstrate how living closer to the land is possible, even in urban environments.  They live on a small property in Los Angeles where they’ve built a true urban homestead.  They grow much of their own food, raise chickens and bees, brew beer, make skincare and cleaning products, and more – all on 1/12th of an acre.

Making it is a good read without a lot of fluff.  After a brief introduction they jump right into the meat of the book – 70 projects geared towards all areas of the home – bath and body, kitchen, housekeeping, gardening , etc.  The projects are organized by time, how long it takes to make and how frequently you would make it.  They start with “Day to Day” projects which are fast and easy and can be used nearly every day.  As the book progresses, the projects get larger scale and longer lasting.  Projects include how to make hair gel, chicken stock, cleaning products, sauerkraut, medicinal honey, soap, moisturizing cream, beer, compost, chicken coops, and much more.

I really like this book.  Many of the homesteading books I’ve read are very conceptual and large scale.  They overhaul so much that it’s overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start, so often times you don’t even try… But this book is different.  The projects are straight forward, practical and manageable.  And they don’t pressure you to do everything, just choose the projects that relate to you and work at your own pace.  This is a much more realistic way of incorporating do-it-yourselfing into your life.  I was impressed by the range of projects and it was clear through the notes and tips that they’ve actually done them.  Finally it’s pretty inspiring that they’ve done so much with so little space.  I’ve often put things off because I don’t have enough space or sun or time or whatever.  This book made me rethink what’s possible and I’ll be trying some new projects because of it.  If you’re looking for a book that teaches complete self sufficiency, this is not it.  But if you’re a normal person who wants to take a more hands on role in your home, this is a very good read.


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