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Organic Body Care Recipes – Book Review

Organic Body Care Recipes – Book Review

Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles was the first homemade skincare book I purchased and to this day it’s still my favorite.  It’s great for a beginner because it’s really thorough, has a wide selection of recipes and includes helpful background information to get you started.

She begins the book by describing the needs of your skin, hair and nails and then further breaks it down by skin type – normal, oily, dry, combination, sensitive, mature and environmentally damaged.  She describes the tools and ingredients used and then launches into almost 250 pages of recipes.  There are extensive recipes for the face, lips, body, hands, nails, hair and more.  The recipes are easy to follow and include an ingredient list, supply list, what skin type it’s best for, how often to use it, how long it takes to make, what to store it in and how much it yields – pretty darn thorough for a book of this nature.  When I first got the book I got really excited about all the new things I could make.  That winter I spent a weekend making mass quantities of skincare products which I wrapped and gave to everyone I knew for Christmas.  We were in the middle of a cold winter and the Protection Cream on page 220 was particularly popular.  The products made fun gifts because I could customize scents and products for each person.

My experimenting with this book has focused on the recipes that have long shelf lives.  A lot of her recipes, especially things like face masks, use fresh ingredients such as fruit.  These ingredients are great for your skin and easy to whip up, but they spoil quickly and are best made in single servings.  I prefer making things in bulk and then using them over an extended period of time.  So I’ve weeded out the longer lasting recipes (there’s plenty) and I’ve been happy with the results.  Most of the recipes are straight forward and use normal kitchen equipment.  Many of the ingredients can be found at the grocery store and anything else I just order online (my favorite suppliers are Jean’s Greens and Mountain Rose Herbs).  Overall I really like this book and would definitely recommend it.


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