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Clean House, Clean Planet – Book Review

Clean House, Clean Planet – Book Review

I’ve been reading DIY housecleaning books (and journals and articles and websites) for years.  Most of them have some good ideas but leave you lacking.  Some talk extensively about why to clean naturally but give very few actual recipes.  Others give tons of recipes but leave you overwhelmed and not sure which ones are any good.  Still others are really vague and hard to duplicate.  Then I found Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan and it is everything I was looking for.

The book starts out with a compelling argument about what’s wrong with commercial cleaning products and the benefits of natural, homemade formulas.  She reviews some of the most common commercial cleaners (some of which she actually likes) and let’s you make an educated decision about which to use.  Next she details the most common ingredients, supplies and techniques used in homemade cleaners.  Finally the meat of the book provides clear, well written recipes for a wide range of cleaning products.  This section is organized by topic – Air Fresheners, All-Purpose, Dishwashing, Bleach, Car, Carpet, Disinfectants, Drain Cleaners, Fabric Softeners, Floor, Furniture, Glass, Pest Control, Kitchen, Laundry, Metal, Oven, Toilet, Tub and Tile.  She begins each section with a discussion of the commercial alternatives and an explanation about why or how the natural alternatives work.  She then presents relevant housecleaning recipes in a format similar to a recipe you’d use in the kitchen.  Each recipe includes an ingredient and supply list, directions on how to make and how to use, an effectiveness rating and a cost comparison against the commercial equivalent.

I’ve experimented with most of the recipes in this book and they’re great.  They’re easy to make, inexpensive and they actually work.  In fact many of the cleaning products I make are based on this book plus some tweaking to suit my personal preferences.  It feels really good to remove unnecessary chemicals from our home, especially now that I have a very curious toddler.  These products are good for your health, good for the earth and easy on your wallet.  They (almost) make cleaning fun… If you’re interested in making your own cleaning supplies, this is the book for you.


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