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Making Babies – Book Review

Making Babies – Book Review

It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant.  And a surprising number of us have struggled with infertility, often with no explainable cause.  These are fit, healthy, youngish couples with no apparent medical conditions.  Yet month after month, sometimes year after year, infertility rears its ugly head.  This book, Making Babies by Sami David and Jill Blakeway, recently caught on with our group of friends.  People were raving about it.  I have a history of hormonal imbalance which makes me vulnerable to miscarriage (I’ve had two and they suck) so I was really interested to see what it was all about.  It’s really good.  Sami is a reproductive endocrinologist who performed the first successful in vitro fertilization in New York.  Jill is a Chinese medicine practitioner and integrative medicine expert.  The book is a good fusion of eastern and western medicine.  It recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of both schools of thought and combines the best of both to help people promote maximum fertility.

Making Babies lays out a three month action plan designed to increase fertility.  The first half of the book provides general information on how lifestyle choices, nutrition and supplements increase or decrease your fertility.  The second half provides a detailed guide for specific fertility types.  It attempts to create a more customized fertility plan for each reader by categorizing people by type based on Chinese medicine.  It determines your type then gives the guidelines most relevant to that type.  The book helps you understand your body, identify problems and recognize fertility signals.  It gives you the know how to work actively with your doctor and regain an element of control (or at least influence) of your fertility.  The three month program prepares your body for conception.  It increases the chance of conceiving naturally without medical intervention.  It can also benefit women who are undergoing fertility treatment(s) because it promotes overall health and makes your body more receptive to fertility treatment.

I found this book to be positive, encouraging and informative.  It jived well with my common sense and I found it empowering that there were so many ways I could influence my health and fertility.  It helped us when we struggled with miscarriage and has helped several friends when they had difficulty conceiving.  This is a particularly good read for women with fertility issues or considering reproductive therapy.  However, it could benefit anyone who wants to get pregnant.  If used proactively it could help many women avoid fertility issues in the first place.  I really enjoyed from this book and hope its message catches on!


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