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Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Book Review

Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Book Review

I bought this book years ago because I was sick of manipulating my hormones and wanted to get off the pill.  However, we weren’t ready for kids yet so I still needed some form of birth control.  I stumbled upon this book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, and it quite honestly changed my life.  The book is based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) which monitors your body temperature and cervical fluid to identify when you’re fertile.  Essentially there are only a few days each month when it’s possible to get pregnant and this method helps you identify those days.  If you’re using it as birth control, you avoid having sex on those days (or use a condom if you’re feeling lucky).  Alternately, if you’re trying to get pregnant, you target those peak fertility days to maximize your chance of getting pregnant.  It’s pretty cool.

When I read the book I was blown away by how little I knew about my own body.  Toni explains the Fertility Awareness method within the context of your body and cycle.  It’s so eye opening that I started getting mad at how little we learn about our bodies in health class.  So anyway, I went off the pill and started charting my basal body temperature (your temp when you first wake up).  I quickly realized my cycle was irregular.  Sometimes it was long, sometimes short, sometimes I didn’t ovulate and my temperatures didn’t form the normal curve.  Fortunately, charting provides a ton of insight.  I brought my chart to my next GYN appointment and my doctor quickly identified the problem.  I had low progesterone, a luteal phase defect and possibly PCOS (one of the leading causes of infertility).  She suggested some herbs to take to see if I could correct things naturally.  Within 4 months I was ovulating regularly, my luteal phase increased by several days and my cycle became much more normal.  It felt so good to understand my body, identify the problem and find an effective, natural solution.  I went on to use Fertility Awareness as birth control for 17 cycles with no pregnancy scares.  When Marshall and I decided to start a family, we used this method to get pregnant and it worked like a charm.  Without this book, my fertility issues would have been hidden and I’m so thankful that I found it.

This book helps you understand your body on a whole new level.  It helps you determine when (and if) you ovulate, when to expect you period, whether or not you’re pregnant, whether or not you have a yeast infection and more – without tests!  You learn your body so well that you can identify when something is wrong and address it before it becomes a problem.  When we first started using it, Marshall was reluctant.  We’d gotten accustomed to normal contraceptives like condoms and the pill and he felt like we were “pulling the goalie”.  I knew he would never read the entire book so I highlighted the most important parts which he begrudgingly read.  It gave him a whole new understanding of our bodies and why this method is so effective.  He now openly recommends it to friends.  I like it so much that I can’t keep it on my shelves.  Every time I buy a new copy I find someone else who could use it and I end up giving it away.  It’s thorough, well written and empowering.  If you’re trying to get pregnant, looking for an alternative to chemical birth control or simply want a better understanding of your own body – I wholeheartedly recommend this book.


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