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How to Make Gravy

How to Make Gravy

Gravy is the perfect complement to a hot winter meal.  It’s rich and flavorful and contrary to it’s unhealthy reputation, it actually contains a host of beneficial minerals, marrow and gelatin.  And gravy making is simple – just take pan drippings (usually from a roast) and thicken with flour.  Once you understand the technique you’ll never need a recipe again.  It’s an easy process that you can personalize with all kinds of tasty extras.

How to Make Gravy


  • Pan drippings (from roast chicken, turkey, pot roast, etc.)
  • Flour


  • When your roast is done cooking, take it out of the oven, remove the meat and strain out any vegetables or large chunks.  Then put the panful of drippings onto your stove top.  If your drippings don’t cover the bottom of your pan, add stock.  Alternately, if your drippings are more than an inch or so deep you might want to pour some off or they’ll take a while to cook.
  • Turn the heat to medium (our roasting pan spans two burners, remember to turn on both).  Sprinkle flour over the drippings and stir constantly.  Keep adding flour in very thin layers until it starts to thicken.  It takes approximately 2 Tablespoons of flour for each cup of drippings (although once you get the hang of it you’ll probably never measure again).  Use a flour sifter if you have one – it helps prevent clumps.  Otherwise just sprinkle the flour as thinly as possible and stir/whisk a lot.
  • Continue to stir until the gravy begins to thicken and bubble, it usually takes just a few minutes.  Gravy will thicken more as it cools so stop when it’s still a little runny.  Then  just serve and enjoy!
  • If you want a really smooth gravy and can’t get rid of the clumps you have a couple options:
    • Try mixing the flour with liquid before adding to the drippings.  For every cup of pan drippings, mix 2 Tablespoons of flour with about twice as much drippings.  Whisk them together in a separate bowl until smooth.  Then add this flour mixture into your pan drippings and stir until thickened.
    • Or make gravy as usual and just strain before serving.

Photo Credit: Thanksgiving Dinner, a photo by atl10trader on Flickr.

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