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How to make tea bags

How to make tea bags

I drink a lot of tea.  Usually I use loose tea but sometimes I like the convenience of a tea bag, especially if I’m traveling or giving some as a gift.  I discovered press-n-brew tea bags which you fill with the herb(s) of your choice and seal closed with an iron.  I like them because I can customize them for any flavor or medicinal purpose that I want.  They’re particularly good if you drink a tea that’s hard to find or that is expensive.  Bulk herbs are WAY cheaper than store bought tea bags and the bags themselves only cost about 5 cents each (I usually buy them online through Mountain Rose Herbs).  I drank red raspberry leaf tea throughout my pregnancy and couldn’t find tea bags anywhere.  So I bought the loose herb in bulk and just made them myself.  If you’re a tea lover, this can open up a world of possibilities:)

How to make tea bags:


  • Loose herb(s) of your choice, dried


  • Press-n-brew  tea bags
  • Spoon
  • Iron


  • If you’re using multiple herbs, mix them well so they’re evenly dispersed
  • Open the tea bag and spoon in the herbs until it’s roughly half full
  • Iron the open end shut on Cotton Setting (this is important, other settings don’t make a reliable seal)
  • It should only take a couple seconds to seal, just make sure no herbs are between the seam and you’re good to go!

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