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About Me

Me, Marshall and little Luke!

Welcome to Young Mother Hubbard, I’m glad you’re here!  I’m a young mom who likes to get my hands dirty.  Over the years by choice and/or necessity I’ve learned to do and make a lot of things.  This blog is my attempt to share the know-how I’ve accumulated with others.  It runs the gamut from homemade skincare, cleaning products, cooking from scratch, crafting, gardening and more.  If you want to go straight to the projects and recipes, click here:  For those who’d like to know about my background and what led to the creation of this blog, read on!

I was born and raised outside of Philly and have since been transplanted to Virginia.  My husband and I are college sweethearts and have enjoyed quite a few adventures together:)  Over the past decade we’ve collectively lived in 10 different states, worked some interesting and unusual jobs and finally decided to settle down in Richmond after our first son, Luke, was born in 2010.

Over the years Marshall and I developed a passion for doing things ourselves.  I’ve spent years experimenting with homemade skincare and housecleaning products.  Marshall is practically a self taught chef, brews his own beer, and has recently developed an interest in sausage making.  We garden and compost and craft and take a lot of pride in our little home.  Some of the projects we’ve tried have totally bombed, but others were really great.  These experiences taught us a lot and we’ve slowly but surely accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

When Luke was born I made the decision to stay home.  This has been a wonderful gift to both me and our children (welcome Nate!) but it wasn’t a perfectly smooth transition.  I like to work and a part of me missed it.  I like being busy, having projects, crossing items off my to do list, I even like the structure.  This, combined with my motivation to create a healthy environment for our family motivated me to take our random DIY projects to a new level.  We’re actively replacing household products with homemade alternatives – lotions, cleaning sprays, condiments, etc.  We’re moving towards a diet that’s increasingly local and made from scratch.  We’re learning how to do simple home repairs, make use of community resources, and live in a way that’s respectful to the health of our family and our planet.  And I have to tell you, it feels really good!  Keeping a homemade home is skillful, rewarding, and full of creative opportunities.  Plus the money we save by making things ourselves, avoiding childcare and other business related costs, is a significant financial contribution of its own.  It’s allowed us to live comfortably on one income, avoid debt, and create a warm and meaningful home.

One of the best lessons we’ve learned is just how much we’re capable of.  There are so many products that can be made cheaply and easily if you only have the know-how.  Every day I find more people who’d like to do more, they just need directions!  And the trend is definitely catching on.  The DIY section at our local bookstore seems bigger every time I visit.  These books give people easy access to a lot of helpful information and I’ve personally benefited from many of them.  But often when reading these books, I’m left with a sense that they’re missing something.  They tend to be targeted at a specific back to the land population.  I love the back to land spirit and it’s a great fit with DIY, but not everyone identifies with “that hippie stuff”.  DIY is so much bigger than that!  I really believe that anyone can benefit (and enjoy!) do-it-yourselfing.  You don’t have to be alternative or live on a farm or deprive yourself of all luxury.  Marshall and I live in a condo, watch cable television, play fantasy football, and for all intensive purposes we’re pretty normal.  For us DIY is a creative outlet that saves money, promotes health, protects the environment, and we genuinely like it.  It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming all or nothing venture.  Even simple projects and small lifestyle shifts can have a big cumulative effect.

I’ve tried to include a wide variety of projects on this site so that lots of people can find something of interest.  Start with something that resonates with you and let things grow naturally. Once you get the bug, one project blends seamlessly into another and soon you’ll be seeing possibility all around you.  I hope this website offers a good place to start.  I’ve personally tried each project and  I welcome your feedback, suggestions and questions.  Now let’s do this!